Top Gadget furbies for crazy children in the world!!

We Have a Look at the Top five gadgets everybody wants for Christmas this past year. It is a couple of weeks to Christmas day and the hottest Smartphone, tablets, cameras, toys and gadgets are already flying off the shelves Once upon a time the finest thing you could expect for Christmas was a pair of socks, a knitted jumper from your Grandma and if you are really lucky, you could find a brand new video game or a movie. Nowadays, everyone Wants the newest gadgets and it is a real indication of the times when you see kids unwrapping iPads when once they would be unwrapping train sets and action figures. But that is not to say that these gadgets are not great for adults.

furby toy

The first Android powered, full blown digital SLR Smart Camera. The Samsung Galaxy Camera includes a huge range of advanced features, software and a beautiful 4.7 touchscreen. Additionally, it features the identical screen technology as the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone. The 12 Megapixel cameras should provide you a few sharp, precise shots. Meanwhile, a multitude of photograph editing applications let you make your photos picture perfect every time. After a 14 year Lack, the Furbies are back and noisier than ever With their cute, furby toy half gremlin looks and large, digital eyes which now respond to your voice and motion by gibbering away in their furbish language. Move over iPad, Since the Google Nexus 7 is the most recent slick, slim and hot tablet. It basically does everything the more expensive pills do, but a lot quicker. Major plus points are the streamlined, light design sharp display and quad core chip, making everything run speedily. Drawbacks are that it only has 8 or 16GB of memory, which cannot be added to, and there is no 3G or 4G receiver, so you are restricted to WiFi instead of having mobile internet. So you can see where they have saved money to be able to bring the retail price down. Nevertheless, there is a Lot of impressive technology available here, and you get access to Android operating system upgrades whenever they become available, since this is a Google Experience Apparatus.

This is another Android powered tablet, but with 16GB of memory at the lowest price point. Undoubtedly this one will be popular with girls who love their Kindles and need something to browse the internet and read digital copies of their favorite magazines amongst other online items. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Is light, sharp and slender with a high resolution touchscreen, but using a less powerful dual core processor compared to Google Nexus 7. And let us not forget that you get access to the Amazon program shop where you can download all manner of games and widgets. The iPod Touch and IPod Nano 7th generation MP3 players are packed with more features than ever before and come in a dazzling array of colors.